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North East Wado Ryu Karate Club has existed, in and around the Whitley Bay/Cullercoats area, for over 40 years. The club was originally founded, under the banner of Sensei Ray Coates' Inter National Karate Association, by Sensei Paul Hancock (3rd Dan).

Our club has members of all ages and all abilities, from brand new starters to highly skilled Black Belts. If you choose to train with us, you can be assured of personal instruction and guidance throughout your karate career. The club has a very strong team ethos and all students, whatever their level, are happy to help those who need assistance. The club sessions are lead primarily by Sensei Hancock, supported by his senior instructors and students.

You don't have to be fit to study karate; this will come as you progress. However, a certain amount of mobility is helpful as this is a martial art and there will be practical application. No experience is necessary to join, all you need is a willingness to learn.

What is Wado-Ryu Karate?

Wado-Ryu is a Japanese martial art founded in 1934 by Hironori Ohtsuka Sensei. Ohtsuka Sensei developed Wado-Ryu after studying the art of Jiu-jitsu, and Shotokan (another style of Karate). This combination, according to Ohstuka Sensei, is a softer, more natural means of self-protection.
The full name of the style is Wado-Ryu Karate-Do. The term Wado-Ryu means "way of peace" or "way of harmony". Karate-Do means "way of the empty hand" as Karate is generally practiced and studied without the use of weapons.
A key principle in Wado-ryu is that of tai sabaki (often incorrectly referred to as 'evasion'). The Japanese term can be translated as "body-management" and refers to body manipulation so as to move the defender, as well as the attacker, out of harm's way. The way to achieve this is to 'move with' rather than to 'move against', or 'harmony' rather than 'physical strength.'



Tue: 6:30pm - 7:30pm 

Cullercoats Community Centre

Belle Vue St, Cullercoats, North Shields NE30 4QX, UK

Fri: 6pm - 7pm

Cullercoats Community Centre

Belle Vue St, Cullercoats, North Shields NE30 4QX, UK

Please call Sensei Hancock on:

 0780 723 5838, prior to your first visit.

Karate Practice
Karate Practice

"If Wado Ryu was a bowl of soup, then the Karate would be a pinch of salt."

Hironori Otsuka Sensei



Call: 0780 723 5838

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